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Acupuncture Iui Success

Acupuncture works by improving blood flow to the uterus and ovaries regulating hormones and helping reduce stress. In many cases couples are using acupuncture to help relax the body and the nervous system from the emotional and physical stress associated with these procedures.

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Thus it promotes healthy ovulation and contributes to increasing the quality of the uterine lining.


Acupuncture iui success. Like many others my husband and I had our life completely planned out even before we were married. Studies have found that acupuncture can increase blood flow in the uterus and ovaries creating a more suitable and fertile environment for mature follicles to both develop and implant. Acupuncture can increase IUI success by promoting your blood flow and thereby improving the egg quality.

Enhance egg and follicle health. Its advised to begin acupuncture at least 3 months before IUI. Acupuncture restores balance to the body both externally muscles joints and internally organs blood circulation.

Acupuncture treatment during an IUI cycle can help to optimize your body for conception and increase chances of pregnancy. Success Stories – IUI. Acupuncture can improve success rates of IUI by increasing blood flow to the ovaries during a medicated cycle relaxing the uterus so it is more receptive to the treatment and can address uterine spasms that may occur after the IUI procedure.

IUI support with acupuncture works to. A woman undergoing IUI or IVF will get better results if her body is healthy and strong. However rates can be higher at around 30 when combined with acupuncture and other fertility drugs.

Acupuncture improves IUI cycle success by using a multi-faceted approach. Orchid Chinese Medicine Acupuncture offers treatment programs that can help to increase the response and success of all forms of Assisted Reproductive Technologies ART. Overall success rates for IUI are usually between 15 and 20.

IUI acupuncture also optimizes success rates for those undergoing intrauterine insemination and other Assisted Reproductive Technologies ART. Repetition also plays a role in overall success using IUI. Have Sex After Treatment According to doctors having sex after IUI treatment helps a lot.

Regular acupuncture treatments can increase the circulation of blood to the follicles and uterus. The difference in the success rates is even more interesting considering that the control group who didnt receive acupuncture was on average 23 years younger. Success depends on a lot of factors including if fertility drugs were used which ones were used and the age of the woman.

More on all of these variables later. While it works to decrease the side effects of fertility medications mentioned above acupuncture relaxes your body and decreases stress to enhance reproductive function and regulate natural hormonal production. How Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Can Help IUI Succeed Overall success rates for IUI are 15-20 with 6 from natural IUIs and up to 30 for IUIs done with fertility drugs.

This will lead to higher conception and successful pregnancy rates. Chinese Medicine however can greatly improve these success rates by combining acupuncture reproductive organ massage and Chinese herbs all of which have a proven positive effect on conception and implantation. Acupuncture helps to mitigate issues of circulation inflammation and other blockages such elevated stress hormones that may be preventing you from conceiving and carrying to term.

By optimizing the environment in which the eggs grow and mature acupuncture and Chinese medicine works to improve follicle count and quality. We got married the year after I graduated from college and 2 weeks before I started graduate school. My Story – I attribute much of my success getting pregnant to acupuncture.

The more IUI cycles you undergo the higher your chance for pregnancy. Thus it may be appropriate to begin acupuncture treatments at the beginning of an IUI or IVF cycle and still experience the potential benefits. If youre going to be undergoing an IUI procedure acupuncture will significantly boost your chances of getting pregnant with IUI.

In recent years more people are turning to acupuncture to help increase the success rates of IVF and IUI. Acupuncture and herbs increased IUI success rate from 394 to 655 in this study. How Acupuncture IVF IUI Support Works.

Success rates for IUI Intrauterine Insemination are 15-20. The success of either IVF or IUI still depends on the balanced state of a persons body and that is what acupuncture and herbal medicine do best. Acupuncture has been shown to improve blood flow to the reproductive organs over the short term.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can greatly improve these success rates by combining acupuncture Maya Abdominal massage and Chinese herbs all of which have proven success on conception and implantation. However acupuncture may provide some additional benefits if begun well in advance of ART treatments. While most of the fertility-acupuncture research is done on IVF similar principles will apply.

Success Rates and Results Acupuncture by itself has received good ratings when it comes to pregnancy results and when combined with IUI or IVF the pregnancy rates are even higher. Similar to IVF in the principles of treatment acupuncture stimulates blood flow to the ovaries and uterus promotes ovulation and a healthy uterine lining and relieves stress.

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