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B3566 The 361 Classical Acupuncture Points 210mmx297mm4 4 Heart Location HT 3 Lesser Sea Little Sea Yellow Sea Lesser Yin Sea Water Point. Healing Touch for Animals HTA techniques support the animals energetic body so the physical body and mental strength can maintain the health and wellness they deserve.

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It is indicated for cardiac pain pain in the hypochondrium and pain in the shoulder and arm.


Acupuncture hta. Shao hai Lesser Sea. Puncture perpendicularly 03 to 05 cun. The analgesic effect of acupuncture can be enhanced or lowered by the increment or the decrement of the 5-HT.

HT 2 Acupuncture PointQingling belongs to the Heart Meridian of Hand-Shaoyinwhich is commonly used for Neuropathic headache periarthritis of shoulder intercostal neuralgia underarm lymph nodes. With the elbow flexed 3 cun above HT 3 point on the ulnar side of the biceps brachii in the medial groove. Calms the Shen clears Heat mostly excess type clears Heat from Heart and Small Intestine.

Ying-Spring points are where the qi dribbles down the meridian. HT 3 Acupuncture Point Location. The width of the thumb is 1 cun width of two fingers is 15 cun four fingers is 3 cun.

The role played by central 5-hydroxytryptamine 5-HT in acupuncture analgesia AA has been studied in rats with the tail-flick response as the antinociceptive test. Heart 7 HT 7 The Chinese translation for Heart 7 HT 7 is Shen Men which means Spirit Gate. You can find PC-6 two inches down the horizontal line that demarcated the palm from the wrist.

Removes obstructions from the channel calms the mind clears heat. Akupuntur adalah ilmu tradisional yang berkembang di Mesir Cina India dan Afrika kira-kira 4000 hingga 8000 tahun silamPada tahun 1979 WHO menetapkan 43 penyakit yang dapat ditanggulangi dengan akupunktur. The heart is the supreme controller the sovereign official with mastery over.

More than four hundred acupuncture points have been described with the majority located on one of the main meridians pathways which run throughout the body and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM transport life energy qi 氣TCM recognizes twenty meridians cutaneous and subcutaneous in nature which have branching sub-meridians believed to affect surrounding tissues. Insomnia is a global disease with a high incidence and acupuncture therapy is a well appropriate method to treat insomnia. As its name suggests this acupuncture point is fantastic for calming the mind and helping to resolve symptoms such as anxiety worry panic attacks and heart palpitations by deepening the inner connection to ones spirit.

Urban Acupuncture is an approach in responding to urban area problems in this case is to develop thematic parks in Bandung Wetan. Ling dao Spirit Pathway. Mid-line of spine to medial border of scapula 3 cun.

This point is like a reservoir of vital energy and is commonly used to transfer Qi from the Kidneys to the Heart via the Ke cycle. This research was conducted by doing a primary survey in 11 thematic parks and also a secondary survey through the agency or instance and literature study related to the thematic park and Urban Acupuncture. Oblique insertion distally or proximally or directed toward LI-11 Quchi 05 to 15 cun.

Location of HT 2 Acupuncture Point. Cardiac pain spasmodic pain and numbness of the hand and arm tremor of the hand scrofula pain in the axilla and hypochondriac region. Lower end of sternum to umbilicus 8 cun.

With the elbow flexed between the ulnar end of the cubital crease and the medial epicondyle of the humerus. Measurement is always taken from the patients hand. Its where the journey of the heart begins the exchanges of Heaven and Earth and how spirit that resides in the heart guides the individual through life.

HT 3 Acupuncture PointShaohai belongs to the Heart Meridian of hand-Shaoyinwhich is commonly used for madnesssalivation stiff neck arm pain toothache dizzinessqi of inversion scrofula etc. Ying-Spring points are indicated for heat in the body and changes in the complexion. At the end of the session I will give you a few essential acupressure points to help you help your best friend between sessions.

To locate it you can place three of your fingers below the wrist where the palm stops. Like HT-7 Spirit Gate acupressure point PC-6 Nei Huan or Inner Gate as it is called in English is located in the arm. Ht 1 is the entry point and the first point on the heart meridian.

Although they can obviously relieve the clinical symptoms of insomnia it is unclear whether they must be used together whether the combination of two acupoints may have. In 2007 conducted a study on jin-3-needling acupuncture therapy at the points of Sishenzhen and Dingshenzhen and PC 6 Neiguan HT 7 Shenmen and SP 6. Ying-Spring points are known to clear heat from the meridian.

Straight insertion 05 to 15 cun causing local distention and soreness or an electric numb sensation extending through the forearm. According to a number of classical sources moxibustion is contraindicated. Acupuncture Point Series Heart.

Tsun or cun is the measurement of one body inch used locate acupuncture points. Shenmen HT 7 and Sanyinjiao SP 6 are the acupoints most commonly used to treat insomnia. HT-2 is located on the medial aspect of the upper arm 3 cun above the transverse cubital crease on the line connecting HT-1 and HT-3 in the groove medial to the biceps brachiii muscle.

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