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First identify C7. GB14 – Gallbladder Meridian 14 Acupuncture Point— GB14 is point 14 of the Gallbladder Meridian in traditional Chinese medicine.

Front Mu Akciger Lu 1 Kalin Barsak St 25 Safra Kesesi Gb 24 Bobrek Gb 25 Dalak Liv 13 Karaciger Liv 14 Mesane Ren 3 Reflexology Acupuncture Acupressure Points

On the forehead directly above the pupil of the eye 10 cun superior to the eyebrow.


Acupuncture gb 14. In a fully functional spine and with correct finger. Facial paralysis ptosis of the lower eyelid difficulty in closing eyes. Acupuncture points Yangbai treats headache eye diseases trigeminal neuralgia and facial paralysis American Dragon – Acupuncture – Chinese Herbs – Dr Joel Penner OMD LAc – GB-14 – Gall Bladder-14.

GB Gallbladder meridian LV LI LIV Liver meridian CV VC Ren Conception Vessel meridian GV VG Du Governing Vessel meridian Some older text use LI for Liver and CO for Large Intestine. GB 15 Acupuncture Point Location On the head directly above the pupil 05 cun above the anterior hairline at the midpoint of a line connecting DU 24 to ST 8 directly above GB 14. 14 Articles 1 Bladder Meridian 67 Conception Vessel 24 Extra Points of Back 3 Extra Points of Hand 5 Extra Points of Head 8 Extra points of Leg 4 Gall Bladder Meridian 44 Governor vessel 21 Heart Meridian 9 Kidney Meridian 27 Large Intestine Meridian 20 Liver Meridian 14 Lung Meridian 11 Nepali.

Learn more about the function location and specific use of the Gallbladder 14 GB 14 acupuncture point. Tsun or cun is the measurement of one body inch used locate acupuncture points. Headache in the frontal area pain in and above the eyes.

GB 14 Acupuncture PointYangbai belongs to the Gallbladder Meridian of Foot-Shaoyangwhich is commonly used for swelling and pain of eye drooping eyelids facial paralysis headache and other diseasespuncture 03 to 05 cun flat. Chengling GB 18 Hide. Electro-acupuncture DU-4 DU-20 GB-14 LI-20 LIV-14 ST-4 UB-23 Ear.

GB 14 Acupuncture Point Location. Place 2 fingers on the spinous processes believed to belong to C6 and C7 and ask the patient to flex and extend their head. The original Chinese name for GB14 is 陽白 yáng bái which translates as Yang Bright and the Korean name is 양백 yang baek.

Acupressure Point GB14 for drooping of the eyelids. Chengling GB 18 Master Tungs Acupuncture eLotus CORE. Acupuncture_point_for_increasing_memory Acupuncture_Point_for_GB14Acupuncture_point_for_Ex1Acupuncture_point_for_GB8seed_therapy Acupuncture_In_Tamil.

Gallbladder Meridian Acupuncture Points Gallbladder Meridian Points. Dazhui GV 14 GV-14 Great Vertebra DAZHUI – Acupuncture Points On the midline below the spinous process of the 7th cervical vertebra C7. On the forehead directly above the pupil 1 cun above the midpoint of the eyebrow.

This special mental healing point GB 14 known as the Clear Mind point can reprogram your mind release mental stress and cultivate mental health. Crossing point of the Gall Bladder and Urinary Bladder Meridian and the Yang Wei Vessel Indications. On the head on the curved line connecting Toulinqi GB 15 and Fengchi GB 20 15 cun posterior to Zhengying GB 17 5 cun above the anterior hairline 225 cun lateral to the midline of the head.

Measurement is always taken from the patients hand. What is the meaning of Toulinqi. GB 14 Chinese name.

Learn how to find and use Acupressure points to improve your memory and concentration and also transform negative thoughts. Promote Memory Clear Your Mind Melt Negative Thoughts. Headaches redness and pain of the eyes failing vision lacrimation deviation of the eyes and mouth.

Yangbai GB 14 Location. Tong zi liao Pupil Bone-Hole Function. Crossing point of the Gall Bladder Meridian and the Yang Wei Vessel.

Blurring of vision eye pain. Expels wind-heat clears fire brightens the eyes. Shenmen Liver Spleen Kidney Heart Endocrine Erbei LIVER WIND GENERATING PHLEGM-FIRE.

On the head directly above the pupil of the eye 5 cun within the anterior hairline at the midpoint of the line connecting DU 24 and ST 8. On the forehead directly above the pupil 1 cun above the midpoint of the eyebrow. More than four hundred acupuncture points have been described with the majority located on one of the main meridians pathways which run throughout the body and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM transport life energy qi 氣TCM recognizes twenty meridians cutaneous and subcutaneous in nature which have branching sub-meridians believed to affect surrounding tissues.

With the tip of your index finger probe the area directly up from the pupil of the eye when looking straight ahead approximately one finger-width above the eyebrow until you feel a slight dip.

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