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Xtend-Life Zupafood Elite Daily Supplement.


Title : Xtend-Life Zupafood Elite Daily Supplement. Superfood Vitality Blend (10,000 mg/30 packets).
Description :


Zupafood ELITE is ideal if you are looking for support for all body systems in a great tasting, easy to consume drink. It contains organic fruit extracts including Kiwifruit, grape seed and red grape skin extracts that are rich in enzymes and antioxidants for overall health support. Green Tea Extract provides a natural and sustained energy boost, while naturally sourced marine collagen rich in calcium, zinc and iron, along with many other valuable minerals supports your entire body.

This elite formula has been specially designed to support energy levels, cardiovascular health, immunity, libido and to help increase mental alertness. Zupafood ELITE will also support bones and joints, and improved general health over the long-term.


Healthy eating and exercise just doesn’t cut it. Research shows that the typical modern diet does not provide you the key nutrients to live a long and healthy life. We’re here to help. Replenish your body with core vitamins and nutrients, so that you can take your health and longevity to another level.


From the day we started, we knew that our supplements were going to be held to the highest standard possible. We’re involved in every step of the process; from sourcing and testing our raw ingredients, to the delivery system that is chosen for each product, which allows us to ensure that your supplements will be properly absorbed by your body.


With years of research and extensive testing under our belts, we provide you with the highest quality supplements. As new nutritional discoveries are uncovered, we continue to fine tune our formulas. We use science to get the best out of nature, so you can replenish your body from the inside out.

Features :

  • ZUPAFOOD ELITE. This special formula is not only a general health tonic. It also helps defy aging with healthier skin, hair and nails and to also to give you a boost in energy and support brain function, so you can look and feel your best.
  • A UNIQUE SUPERFOOD. This has medicinal mushrooms, Aquamin TG marine calcium, organic chlorella & spirulina and a superfood blend of Kiwifruit, grape seed extract, grape juice powder, red grape skin extract, apple fiber, and organic wheat grass barley grass.
  • GET THE BEST OUT OF NATURE. We’re on a mission to support your body, so you reach optimal health. Our dietary supplements are inspired by nature. We only use ingredients that work synergistically together, so that you get the best possible results.
  • HEALTH FROM THE INSIDE OUT. It’s important to feed your cells the right nutrients, in the right amounts. Our supplements replenish your body with highly effective formulas of bio-available nutrients, so you can reach optimal health from the inside out.
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE. With extensive research and testing for everything from microbiological impurities, to heavy metals, you get supplements that are safe and effective. This advanced formula is designed to work synergistically to deliver optimal efficacy.

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Brand: Xtend-Life
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