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Viterade by XLNCE – Kids

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Title : Viterade by XLNCE – Kids Liquid Multivitamin – 32 Day Supply for Healthier Hair, Softer Skin & Stronger Nails. Natural Fiber Blend with prebiotic enzymes for Digestion. Organic and Delicious!

Discover the refined formula and raw power of pure potency.
Unleash Now Mightier Ingredients with Ancient Traditions of Excellence.
Premium Potency, Power and Performance. Engineered to take the Crown.

VITERADE DAILY – Premium Potency Liquid Multi.
Have your heroes exceed your expectations and their goals.
Live longer and prosper. Use the force of Viterade’s patented F.A.S.T. fluid formula and experience amazing results.
XLNCE seeks to serve you and yours for a long and full life, fruitful and filled with the finest health.

If VITERADE is not for your family then we urge you to please consider another supplement that suits you.
Features :

  • FAST-ACTION! Find results like thicker hair, softer skin, stronger bones & improved mood. Proper nutrition keeps kids calm and focussed so they love and stay in school longer How? Fluids absorb 98% faster than solids. Liquid nutrients don’t go to waste like solids.
  • NO-NONSENSE! Kid’s LOVE adding VITERADE’s natural-mixed-fruit-flavor because it tastes delicious! Kid’s beg for the easy-to-serve serum either straight-up or mixed into their favorite drink. Cooking daily perfectly balanced meals is hard to do – VITERADE makes sure they get the nutrition they need and you spend more time seeing them succeed.
  • TRUSTED – The XLNCE Money Back Guarantee Plus Program – Unsatisfied for any reason? – Get a FULL INSTANT REFUND. To insure you of our product’s quality, we will send you another bottle for FREE. If you do not love VITERADE, just let us know. Your kids will, and love and thank you for buying it. It’s that simple.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE! Potency that delivers – VITERADE’s 24 Essential Vitamins, Greens, Fruit, Antioxidants & our PATENTED NutraFlora Digestive Health Blend will help your kids feel good, stay healthy, get fit and look great!! SAVE MONEY too – you get +24 vitamins, minerals and nutrients in one.
  • NON-GMO & MADE WITH METHYLCOBALAMIN – Vegetarian and vegans love that VITERADE’s a WHOLE FOOD product. It’s natural mixed fruit flavor contains 0 grams of sugar or salt and is allergen free.

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