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Title : Verdana Food Grade MCT Oil – Pure True Medium Chain Triglycerides, without Long Chain for Easy Absorption – Great for Food, Skin, Aromatherapy products – Very High Quality (1 Gallon)
Description : INCI Name: Caprylic/ Capric Triglycerides.

Organic Verdana Food Grade MCT oil 1 Gallon is made from food grade Palm oil and consists of almost completely C8 and C10 (Caprylic and Capric) which are medium chain triglycerides. Other brands tend to have a significant amount of C12 oil (Lauric acid) which is actually a ‘long’ chain oil. Our product is Colorless, Odorless and with very long shelf life and is a fractionated oil.

Features and Benefits:

•Organic Verdana feather-light MCT oil heals and softens damaged and dry skin. Since the MCT oil is easily absorbed into the skin, it won’t clog pores and you’ll never be left with the ‘greasy’ feeling of other plant-based carrier oils.

•Being 100% saturated fatty acid, it is a quick energy oil as it gets absorbed in the digestive system without the aid of digestive enzymes and bile acids etc.,

•Our MCT oil is 100% pure, non GMO and batch tested for purity.

•It is great for sports nutrition and keto diet enthusiasts.

•Perfect Carrier Oil for Aromatherapy and Massage since it is completely soluble with all essential oils and is colorless, odorless and can be used for very long periods when stored in correct conditions, this MCT oil is ideal for massage, as well as mixing with other carrier oils and essential oils.

(Buyers are responsible to take adequate precautions and conduct their own tests to confirm suitability of this product for the intended use including regulatory requirements).
Features :

  • Pure, True MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides). Consists of 100% True Medium Chain Triglycerides (almost completely C8 and C10).
  • Food Grade. Made from Palm oil. Super light, colorless and odorless.
  • Container is FDA compliant, BPA-free and comes with IMPROVED tamper evident seal..
  • Perfect for manufacturing Food, Skin, Aromatherapy and Massage products.
  • Value for money in 1 gallon size. All the goodness of coconut oil without the freezing issue at room temperature, and much longer shelf life.

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Brand: Verdana
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