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Umeken Royal Collagen- High quality


Title : Umeken Royal Collagen- High quality Collagen extracted from African Tilapia, helps skin retain Moisture, and Firmness. Chewable. About a 2 month supply. Made in Japan.
ASIN : B00EW3416U
Description : * Why is Umeken’s Royal Collagen so special? Skin is easily affected by what you eat. Lack of collagen will lead to aging of the skin, since 70% of your skin is composed of collagen. Umeken’s Royal Collagen is a special combination of fish collagen and hydrolyzed royal jelly. This unique health supplement allows you to take in the benefits of both collagen and royal jelly in a tasty, chewable peach flavored tablet. Umeken’s Royal Collagen’s main ingredient is extracted from an African Tilapia freshwater fish and contains less fat than collagen extracted from animals. This high quality fish collagen allows your skin to retain moisture better which makes it more resilient and less dry. * What is Collagen? Collagen is a connective tissue and supports other bodily tissues, such as skin, bone, tendons, muscles, and cartilage. It contributes to the structure of skin cells and provides the skin with strength, flexibility and resilience. It is an important substance for maintaining skin beauty, as 70% of your skin is comprised of collagen.
Features :

  • High quality collagen extracted from African Tilapia freshwater fish which contains less fat.
  • Helps skin to retain moisture for GLOWING, RADIANT, YOUTHFUL skin.
  • Beneficial for maintaining not only skin resilience but maintaining muscle and joints as well.
  • 70% of your skin is composed of collagen! ENHANCE your skin from the inside out by supplying your body with high quality collagen!
  • Take 3 tablets anytime during the day. Contains 150g (190 tablets). Approximately 2 month supply.

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Brand: Umeken
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