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Sandalwood Shaving Soap 4.0 oz

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Title : Sandalwood Shaving Soap 4.0 oz Puck Made with Plant Ingredients Creates Rich Luxury Lather to Protect & Moisturize Your Skin Providing a Smooth Shave. Great for Men & Women. Can Be Melted to Fit Mug
Description :

The Best Shaving Soap Designed For All Skin Types Especially Sensitive Skin That Will Leave Your Skin Smooth and Comfortable Without Irritations or Razor Burns

Experience Barbershop Quality, Luxury, & Thick Lather at The Comfort Of Your Home

The secret to shaving daily and experiencing a soft and smooth shave while not having irritation is in the ingredients of the Men’s Soap Company Shaving Soap.
This soap is formulated to build nice thick, luxurious lather and to give you great cushioning and glide preventing the razor from irritating your skin. The Shea Butter moisturizes your skin while the soy comforts and conditions.

Men’s Soap Company Shaving Soap Is Great For:

All Skin Types
Irritated Skin
Sensitive Skin
Daily Wet Shaving
Dry Skin
Head Shaving

Why Buy Men’s Soap Company Shaving Soap?

Handmade in small batches
High Quality Natural Ingredients
Low Price For A Large 4.0 oz cake
No Toxins and No Parabens
Lasts Longer Than Shaving Cream and Gel
Creates Lather Within Seconds
Hydrates and Moisturizes Your Skin

Can You Melt The Shaving Soap?

Yes our shaving soaps can be melted by simply placing the soap in your mug and use a microwave at 20 seconds. Repeat until soap is fully melted. Let soap dry and harden for about 24 hours.

Men’s Soap Company Shaving Soap is backed by a money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our product simply contact us for a full refund.

Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button & get the best shaving soap TODAY! You will not regret investing in a smooth and irritation free skin!

Features :

  • Love it or it’s free: Men’s Soap Company has an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the soap simply request a refund. We guarantee that your shave will be so comfortable each and every day or your money back.
  • Natural and minimal ingredients: our shave soap is made in America of the best vegan plant ingredients. We do not use toxins, parabens, or sulphates and we do not test on animals. These high quality ingredients will leave your skin feeling buttery smooth.
  • Subtle Sandalwood scent: many of our customers have described the scent as mild and delightful that is not overpowering. Get over 120 shaves from this large refill puck. Makes a perfect gift for Father’s Day.
  • Thick and creamy lather: you can whip a nice, thick creamy lather in 15 seconds that provides fantastic glide and protection. The rich lather and thick foam provides a coating that leads to a smooth shave. Your razor can be rinsed cleanly without having to brush out the blades between shaving stokes.
  • Moisturizing and does not dry out: our shaving soap includes shea butter and glycerin base that will leave your skin soft, moisturized, and silky smooth. You will not experience irritation, nicks or cuts, no rash, no bumps, no ingrown hairs, and no razor burns. The soap will not dry out and it is very gentle on the irritable areas of skin under the jawline and neck

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Rating : 4.6
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Review : I wasn’t truly pleased with any of the products that I had used …

After 45 years of using shaving soap, I wasn’t truly pleased with any of the products that I had used in the past. An online search led me to this soap because of many positive reviews. After two weeks of use, I am a believer. The difference is like shaving with a new blade instead of an old one that needs to be replaced. Only one application is necessary to cover the entire facial shaving area…and no, I don’t have a beard. The shave is much smoother than I have ever had before. After a shave, my skin is not dry, and the (very) subtle sandalwood scent is quite pleasant. Men’s Soap certainly deserves five stars for this product!