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Title : Purvana Hair Nail and Skin 90 Count new convenient size
Description : PurvanaTM Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamins is a ground breaking herbal supplement designed to promote thicker fuller hair, healthier skin, and stronger nails with ONE release gel vitamin.
Why is Purvana Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamins so good?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the integumentary system, while elastin allows your skin to stretch like a spring and then return to its original shape. These specialized proteins owe their unique properties to the sulfurbonds holding these tissues together. Since sulfur is vital to their structure, we include the highest quality of organic sulfur, Methylsulfonylmethane (M.S.M.).

We also synergistically combine silicon to help support the structural integrity and healthy development of these vital tissues. PurvanaTM Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamins also includes Vitamin A from Palmitate, all of the B Vitamins, and most importantly, extremely high levels of Biotin as this is the vital ingredient for the growth of healthy hair, skin and nails.

Wellgenix produces PurvanaTM Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamins while adhering to the strictest quality control measures and standards currently available for the manufacturing of nutritional supplements.
Features :

  • a once daily soft gel designed specifically for the hair, skin and nails. With 2500 mcg of Biotin per gel, purvana supports the healthy growth of tissues from the inside out. The amazing part is that customers only need to take a single soft gel daily.

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Brand: Purvana
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Have been using this vitamin for 2 years now and it has provided results for . I have alopecia and along with about 20 other vitamins i am taking daily this one is one of the MOST important ones that i can not miss daily.
Recommend this for anyone with hair issues.
***Anyone with Alopecia contact me, and i can help you regain your hair. "