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Title : Pharmacist Formulas Acne Block – Natural Blemish, Pimple and Spot Treatment Cure with Clear Skin Vitamins Zinc and Selenium for Hormonal Cystic Solutions, 60 Veggie Capsules
Description : Acne blocker from pharma formulas.
Features :

  • TRI-PHASE ACNE BLOCKING APPROACH – Acne block attacks acne by controlling the three leading causes of acne: irregular hormone ratios, increased oil production, and inflammation. No other product available targets all three in a single product
  • CLINICAL STRENGTH BIOFERRIN (LACTOFERRIN) – The first product of its kind to use this coveted milk protein lactoferrin has been shown in clinical studies to reduce facial lesions, inflammation, acne grade, an oil production
  • HIGHEST QUALITY, POTENT FORMULA – Only Acne Block delivers trademarked ingredients Bioferrin, CurcuWin, and TRAACS minerals. Rest assured that you are getting the highest purity and most potent active ingredients
  • NO JUNK, ONLY WHAT YOUR BODY DESERVES – Pharmacist Formulas only uses the highest quality inactive ingredients from vegetarian capsules to vitamin C palmitate (never magnesium stearate) so that you are getting the most consistent quality available in an acne supplement

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Brand: Pharmacist Formulas
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Rating : 4.3
Rating : 97
Review : I can say for certain that it works!

I’ve been taking the recommended dose (two vegetable capsules per day) and I can say for certain that this helps control acne. It’s an all natural, non-GMO, very high quality formula that defeats acne from the inside out. There’s 8 total ingredients that stabilize hormone levels to a healthy level and it also control inflammation.

Taking curcumin every day is beneficial for your joints and body in general but to use it as an Acne defense is incredibly smart. If you already have some Acne, this reduces the inflammation and will undue some of the damage.