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Title : Organion Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder – Premium Quality, 100% Organic, USDA & JONA Certified, Antioxidants, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten and Sugar free [40g Starter Size]
Description : If you want to look like and actually be a healthy person, you should try our Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder and you can be sure that you will not regret it.
Ceremonial matcha grades made from the first harvest leaves have a smoother flavor suitable for traditional preparation as a tea (just mixed with hot water and whisked).
Ceremonial Matcha will be your source of energy of plant origin.
One of the most pleasant abilities of pure matcha is an opportunity to lose weight. You do not have to spend all day in the gym or playing sports – just use our matcha green tea!
We can ensure good metabolic stimulus if powder greens become your daily product. Drinking our fresh matcha green powder is like taking a Vitamin B-complex, Vitamins C, B2, B6, E, beta carotene, iron and amino acids to support a healthy body.
Things like mental clarity and visual improvement can be a simple routine part of your life. Want to remove toxins from the body? Our Matcha Ceremonial can help you again.
Our matcha tea powder is a 100% natural product from Japan, which stop skin aging. “Being young and beautiful” can be your motto in life with our Ceremonial Matcha. Tea ceremony matcha has a deep green color and natural fragrance and, of course, great flavor. Our matcha tea looks just as delicious as it tastes.
And, in the end, as a pleasant surprise for you, dear costumer, buy our premium ceremonial grade matcha and an e-book of superfood recipes will be given to you for free as a gift.
There is no reason you shouldn’t be getting the best quality that you really deserve.
Begin your happy, healthy, and successful life today!

Features :

  • ❧ CEREMONIAL QUALITY: This is the highest quality matcha available on the market. For the preparation of our matcha, we use only the youngest, freshest, and greenest leaves so that the taste is saturated and the smell is fragrant.
  • ❧ 100% NATURAL: Matcha powder has no GMOs, no sugar, and no gluten. Our premium ceremonial matcha is vegan-friendly, organic, helps boost metabolism, and suitable for all types of diets.
  • ❧ HEALTHY BENEFITS: Antioxidant constituents that improve metabolism and a lot of vitamins and minerals are wonderful things, which your body needs and our matcha green tea can give you all of them.
  • ❧ FREE ADVANTAGE: We give a free gift for each buyer of our ceremonial matcha – a culinary e-book of recipes, with which you will greatly benefit from as a chef.
  • ❧ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We try our best to make you happy with our Japanese ceremonial matcha. So, we offer risk-free money back guarantee, although we are confident in our quality!

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