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Title : Natural Hemp Dog Chews – Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Omega 3 and 6, Cranberries, Urinary Health, Reduced Joint Pain, Improved Skin and Fur
Description : Is your dog dealing with stiff joints, unhealthy skin or fur, or urinary issues? REX & OBI has just what you need! Our Hip Hemp Chews not only help them with joint pain, but also to begin improving their OVERALL WELL-BEING. We use only natural and organic ingredients to help improve your companion’s health, keeping them away from any artificial preservatives, colors, or additives. Our chews contain important ingredients such as OMEGA 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, which help reduce joint pain, improve the condition of the skin and fur, reduce dandruff and shedding, strengthen the immune system, support good heart health, support healthy growth and much more! The CRANBERRIES in our chews not only act as an anti-inflammatory, but they also help to prevent urinary tract infection by inhibiting bacteria from remaining in the bladder. Our product is manufactured using a cold extrusion (“no-cook”) method, so no nutrients are lost, making our chews as wholesome and healthy as possible. And YOU can feel great too, buying this product, as a portion of our proceeds goes to support no-kill animal shelters throughout the US. We put 100% into satisfying each and every new and loyal customer! Get the best for your pet – click the ‘add to cart’ button while supplies last!
Features :

  • NATURAL & ORGANIC – no fillers, corn, wheat, soy, palm oil, or canola oil! We only pack in important ingredients that are essential to your pet’s health!
  • HEMP SEEDS – The hemp seeds in our product are a source of complete protein, which means it has all the amino acids essential to a balanced diet!
  • ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS – Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids from hemp seed oil can improve the condition of the skin and fur, reduce joint pain, and reduce dandruff and shedding!
  • CRANBERRIES – Cranberries contain powerful antioxidants and support urinary health as well as having anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We take great pride and care in manufacturing and developing only the highest quality products for our new and loyal customers!

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