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MY MERMAID Hair Growth Vitamins


Title : MY MERMAID Hair Growth Vitamins – Organic Hair Skin and Nails Gummy Bears for Healthy Hair & Glowing Skin – 60 Count
Description : Hey MeRmAid!!!🧜 BE INSPIRED BY BEAUTY ~ INSPIRE OTHERS WITH THE BEAUTY OF YOUR HAIR🌸 These gummy bear hair vitamins are unrivaled in taste & excellence!🍓🍓🍓 We use nature’s ingredients to bring you a synergistic blend. After all, your body is your temple & you deserve the best. Get supple soft skin with the best hair skin and nails vitamins 🌸

Nutrient deficiencies today make it hard to consume all vitamins & minerals from food alone which are vital for optimal health. We offer a tasty solution with our scientifically proven formula & have spared no expense at creating the best hair vitamins for women, for fast hair growth. Our biotin gummies work! Only the best ingredients are carefully selected for your natural hair growth, ensuring safety, effectiveness & top results. You will be glowing like a mermaid!

🌈Doing our part for planet Earth!🌎We utilize starch-less mold technology which promotes a cleaner environment for loved ones & future generations💜

BIOTIN 5000 MCG: vital for energy production & metabolism. Crucial for hair growth. Skin cells are dependent for protection against UV damage. Studies show biotin promotes brain function & prevents cognitive decline. Promotes a healthy immune system

VITAMIN A: contains antioxidant properties for the skin

VITAMIN C: a staple of ancient beauty. Potent antioxidant that helps rejuvenate aged and photo-damaged skin by building collagen. Slows down the rate of free radicals & the aging process. Crucial in hair regrowth treatment for women

VITAMIN B12: revitalizes mood & energy-reduces stress

VITAMIN D: balances fluctuating hormones

VITAMIN E: protects against aging & balances oils. Essential in hair growth for women by reducing oxidative stress in the scalp

FOLIC ACID: deficiency in this may lead to premature greying & hair loss

🌸Results best noticed after three months of daily use🌸
Features :

  • 🍓🍓🍓 ORGANIC, VEGETARIAN & ALLERGEN FREE hair skin and nails gummies made with raw sugar cane! Pure, safe & natural🌸made without gluten, nuts, dairy, eggs, or soy
  • 🌈 Full-spectrum, extra strength biotin hair gummies for hair growth for women for LONGER, STRONGER, FASTER, FULLER, THICKER hair growth & CLEAR, YOUTHFUL, GORGEOUS skin💋
  • Hair gummies protect against breakage & shedding & reverse grey hair by growing a strong cortex, providing a KERATIN RICH environment for VIBRANCE, VOLUME & HAIR REGROWTH 🌸
  • Produced in a FDA registered & cGMP certified top tier facility in the USA; par excellence for your safety & well-being
  • 🌸 Our promise to you – 100% satisfaction guarantee- we are confident you will LOVE our yummy gummies! MERMAID HAIR – GO AHEAD & STARE 🧜

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