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Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder Organic


Title : Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder Organic Herb (360) Capsules – promotes digestion, balanced metabolism, healthy hair, skin, blood sugar & cholesterol levels a natural raw green superfood multivitamin
Description : INGREDIENTS:
500mg Certified Organic Raw Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder Capsules

Start with 1 cap 3x a day.
Some people take 4 caps. – 3x a day, totaling 12 capsules a day.
Increase dose incrementally over a week to two week period, to avoid nausea.

When the body receives the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids it needs, health happens.
Consumers are encouraged to research and speak with physicians to discover how they might choose to use Moringa for themselves and the benefits thererin. Drink water.

6000mg = 12 caps/day x 30 days = 360 capsules per month
3000mg = 6 caps/day x 30 days = 180 capsules per month
1500mg = 3 caps/day x 30 days = 90 capsules per month
1000mg = 2 caps/day x 30 days = 60 capsules per month

No fillers, binders or artificial ingredients.
Keep Moringa stored in a cool place, away from heat and direct sunlight.
It can take up to 30 days to identify the affects Moringa has on an individual.

It is a tree. All elements of the plant can be used. The leafy part is the most nutritious.

It’s reported Moringa has:

  • 7x the Vitamin C of orange
  • 4x the Vitamin A of carrots
  • 4x the Calcium in milk
  • 3x the Potassium found in a banana
  • 2x the Protein of yogurt

Facts of Moringa Oleifera:
• 90+ nutrients
• 46 Natural Antioxidants
• All 9 essential proteins present
• Organic Certified, NON GMO
• 100% Raw, Natural, Pure & Kosher
• FDA Approved Processing Facility

Vegans & Vegetarians: Take note the high IRON Levels Moringa leaf powder contains 28mg of Iron per 100g.

Science Daily called it the world’s most useful tree.

Risk FREE – 100% Satisfaction 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Features :

  • HIGHEST QUALITY MORINGA OLEIFERA LEAF POWDER: While other companies use fillers, are non-organic, brown (use less nutritious parts of the tree); Royal Life Essentials uses 100% USDA Certified Organic Green Moringa Powder: farmed with fresh, clean water, near the Himalayas, where it was 1st discovered. This means you get the highest, freshest, most nutrient rich, Moringa, for your nutritional health herbal supplement needs. Rest easy knowing exactly what’s going into your body is certified & safe
  • **ORGANIC MORINGA OLEIFERA NUTRIENT RICH** – In our fast-food culture, nutrients are gone. Soil is depleted. Everyone needs nutritious food. Moms, dads, children, grandparents are taking Royal Life Essentials USDA Green Organic Moringa Powder because it’s the “King of Superfoods” contains 3x the iron, 18 amino acids, 90+ nutrients, 40+ antioxidants, 30+ anti-inflammatories & Omega 3’s. Dr. Marcu says, it comes very close to being a perfect source of nutrients in terms of variety & concentration.
  • MORINGA OLEIFERA KNOWN AS THE MIRACLE TREE – Royal Life Essentials Moringa Powder positively impacts the body – skin, hair, nails, teeth, kidneys, liver, digestive tract, brain, heart, blood circulation & sugar, eyes, joints, ligaments, bones, immune system, nervous system & more. It has an alkalizing, energy & metabolism boost. Customers are feeling a greater sense of health; physically, mentally & emotionally. When your body receives nutrients, it’s powerful the kind of health you experience.
  • IT’S ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIP – Valuing relationship with you is our #1 priority. Our mission is to treat you like ROYALTY, with a vision to nourish the malnourished 2 billion people. Royal Life Essentials believes in sourcing the highest quality products. The products we provide must & will always be great for you! We aim for integrity & excellence. Instilling value in the way we do things, how we do things, we believe, instills value in YOU! Live the Royal Life, it’s abundant and essential.
  • **100% GUARANTEED SATISFACTION** – Our customers are happy & healthy! All of our Royal Life Essentials USDA Certified Organic Moringa Oleifera products are backed with a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied for any reason. Simply contact customer service and we’ll take care of you promptly. We want you to have a 5 star excellence across the board.

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Absolutely love 8it. Feel much better. Will continue use.Thanks

Organic Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder - USDA Certified Organic Single Origin Moringa Powder from Nicaragua. Perfect for Smoothies, Recipes and Moringa Tea. 8 oz.

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as of August 11, 2021 5:53 pm


  • PINNACLE OF POTENCY –The ONLY Single Origin Moringa Powder on the market. USDA Organic Moringa, 100% hand peeled and handpicked at the peak of potency from VIRGIN, NUTRIENT-RICH Volcanic Soil from a SINGLE FARM in the Nicaraguan foothills. 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEED.
  • PROVEN & TRUSTED - 3RD PARTY VERIFIED – METICULOUSLY tested and continuously verified by the most stringent 3rd party laboratories, ensuring you’re actually taking the most POTENT, POWERFUL, PURE, SAFE moringa leaf powder – the best moringa in the world, without question. Certificates available upon request.
  • MOST ENZYMATICALLY AVAILABLE - MAXIMUM NUTRIENT RETENTION = SUPPORTS energy, health, wellbeing and all the reasons STUDIES SAY you should consume raw moringa every day. Proprietary, MACHINE FREE, gentle drying process in our State-of-the-Art cGMP facility ensues the MOST ENZYMATICALLY AVAILABLE, RICHEST NUTRIENT profile on the market.
  • THE RICHEST SUPERFOOD - SCIENTIFICALLY proven to contain the HIGHEST NUTRIENT RICH content of any SUPERFOOD plant in the world - 92 nutrients, 46 anti-oxidants, 18 amino acids, Threonine, Isoleucine, Leucin, Phenylalanine, Lysine, Methionine, Valine and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, A, C, K, E and D.
  • IS THIS WHAT YOU’RE MISSING? FIND OUT RISK FREE. Click Add to Cart Now. Mix it into your smoothies, baking, drinks or simply use it as Moringa Tea. NOTICE A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE in your wellbeing within 30 days, or keep the bottle and we’ll provide an instant refund - no gimmicks, hassles or questions asked.

Organic Moringa Oleifera Powder Capsules: Natural Joint and Arthritis Pain Relief. Energy, Metabolism, and Immune Booster. Rich in Nutrients and Antioxidants. Non-GMO, Single Origin, 500mg Caps

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  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our Moringa capsules are made from moringa leaves that are hand peeled from freshly hand cut branches. We are the only Certified Organic Moringa capsules available on Amazon. We do not use Mechanized Harvesting methods used in India and China. Feel healthier, more energized, focused and stronger or your money back, no questions asked!
  • HARVESTED FROM THE VOLCANIC FOOTHILLS OF NICARAGUA - Our Certified Organic Moringa is grown in virgin nutrient-rich volcanic ash soil. Gently dried in a State -of-the-Art facility to preserve enzymes & nutrients. Packaged on site within a few hours of harvesting making it the highest quality Moringa capsule on the market.
  • THE MOST NUTRIENT DENSE PLANT ON EARTH - Moringa, is considered to be the most nutrient-rich plant ever known to mankind. The leaves are loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Calcium, Iron, minerals, essential amino acids, and more.
  • NATURE’S MOST POTENT IMMUNE BOOSTER - With Vitamins A, B6, C, E, Zinc, Iron, Quercetin, Kaempferol, and 46+ Antioxidants, Moringa has been proven to Improve immunity. INCREASE ENERGY - Do you have low energy levels? Do others your age seem to have way more energy than you? Moringa has been proven to be beneficial for maintaining high energy levels plus fighting fatigue, depression, moods swings and insomnia.
  • REDUCE INFLAMATION - Neck pain? Joint pain? Depression? Moringa's 36 anti-inflammatory compounds play a pivotal role in quickly reducing inflammation. OTHER BENEFITS INCLUDE - Lowers Blood Sugar, Protects and Nourishes Skin, Improves Brain Function, and Detoxifies the Body

Pinnacle of Wellness Pure Organic Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder – 180 Capsules – 90 Servings

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  • EXPERIENCE MORE ENERGY, VITALITY & STAMINA - Packed with Raw USDA Organic Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder These Easy to Swallow Vegetarian Pills Make It Possible for You to Experience Nature's Most Nutritious, Antioxidant Rich Green Superfood.*
  • ENJOY JOINT & WHOLE-BODY HEALTH – The Combination of Essential Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals and Phytonutrients Helps to Reduce Inflammation which Eases Joint Pain, Aches and Discomfort While Enhancing Overall Health of the Body.*
  • PROTECT & REPAIR THE SKIN - Antioxidants are Essential for Protecting, Repairing and Preventing Cell Damage, Minimizing the Aging Process of the Skin in the Long-Term by Counteracting Oxidative Stress and the Effects of Unstable Molecules, Called Free Radicals, Reducing Skin Dryness, Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Premature Aging.*
  • BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM & INCREASE METABOLISM - 92 Powerful Nutrients Help Boost Your Immune System and Increases Your Metabolism. This Easily Absorbable, 100% Natural, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free and non GMO Super Food is the Most Nutrient-Rich Plant Ever Discovered and is Packed with 46 Powerful Antioxidants, a Wide Range of Vitamins and Minerals, 36 Anti-Inflammatory Agents and is One of the Very Few Plants that Produces its Own Protein.*
  • PURCHASE WITH CONFIDENCE - 90-Day - Complete Satisfaction - Money-Back Guarantee. Our Mission is To Encourage People to Reach the Pinnacle of Wellness in Their Lives and Our Vision is to have People Experience Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Wellness. Welcome to the Pinnacle of Wellness Family.