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Lyapko Anti-Aging Acupuncture Facial Roller

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Title : Lyapko Anti-Aging Acupuncture Facial Roller 3.5 Ag 272 Needles. Premium Acupressure Active Massager for Adults and Children Easy Use for Skin Care Unique Patented Applicator Self Massage Therapy Tool.
Description :

Regardless of age, a healthy, youthful glow is what every woman desires and after just a few uses you will begin to see the following results:

* Renewal of the vitality of your face, neck and delicate areas of the body

* Rejuvenation of the complexion through improvement of blood flow to the face

* Repair of superficial wrinkles & Reduction of deeper wrinkles

This smartly designed acupressure roller is the latest in safe and natural home treatments the equivalent of which you would find in the most exclusive cosmetic acupuncture clinics.

The small area of impact (Width – 1.4″, diameter – 1.8″ with just 0.14″ between needles) is perfect for face massage.

The best form of anti-aging – it works to optimize your health while simultaneously enhancing the appearance of your skin

When treated, the area of stimulation will change in appearance as it fills with blood, changes temperature, sensitivity, electric potential and resistance. All of which creates the perfect environment for the treatment and ultimately rejuvenation of the skin.

This amazing patented system is a new technique developed by the famous Reflexologist Lyapko (Ukraine). Ours is the only system of its kind. THE ACUPUNCTURE NEEDLES DO NOT HURT! They are made from metals such as zinc, copper, iron, nickel & silver – all essential for our wellbeing. The tops are faceted so that they cannot hurt nor damage the skin in any way.

The roller is made from the highest quality materials – the handle plastic and the roller head rubber.

Purchase this as a gift of health for yourself, or your loved ones. Go ahead – BUY IT NOW this is a very popular product and stocks won’t last long – Don’t miss your chance!
Features :

  • INCREASE ENERGY stimulate nerves, improve blood circulation with the Acupuncture Face Massager
  • GLOWING SKIN IN JUST A FEW USES Fight against wrinkles & improve elasticity for skin radiant
  • FEEL NO PAIN The tips of the needles are faceted so will not damage the skin during therapy
  • SAVE MONEY! Get results like a professional, at home and without spending hundreds of dollars
  • BUY NOW – RISK FREE You’ll love it but if not just send it back within 30 days for a FULL REFUND

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Review : Not sure about this yet. I use it. …

Not sure about this yet. I use it. It is a little uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Don’t really see anything happening to my skin. I will keep using it, maybe it takes some time to see any results.