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Title : LATEST Coconut Oil for Beauty, Extra Premium Grade Raw Organic Finest Coconut Oil 16 oz, Green Elephant, Coco for beauty, skin, hair and nutrition
ASIN : B07167JS8P
Description :

There are tens brands of coconut oils in the market, but how you know which one is THE BEST. You might already have tried more than 4 different brands, but if you didn’t try this one. It means you haven’t found the best one yet.

You might STRUGGLE with these issues with other coconut oils…

“Skin will not absorb the oil. Ended up getting it on furniture.”

“Leaves your hair way too greasy, even when I just put a minimal amount.”

“Smell like burnt popcorn when put on skin”

“The quality of second jar is worse than the first one.”

“It has since developed a mold inside container in just only one month, YUCK!!! ”

“Bottom turn brown

“Smell like Cheetos

“Yellow liquid with bad smell

Sour taste

“Appears to have gone rancid after only two weeks”



You will be amazed by this high quality of this oil.

We take special care in the coconut selection or the production process. Many companies buy from more than one source based on which supplier is cheaper. We pick our coconuts from only single source, the best organic farm. We inspect every single coconut and use only the perfect coconuts. We extract the coconut oil within 1-2 days of being harvested to preserve its freshness. This oil is produced from coconut oil only facility.

OUR POLICY is 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We will replace or refund your product if you are not 100% Satisfied……..”CLICK the Button at the Top of this Page to BUY NOW.”
Features :

  • DO NOT use low quality cooking grade coconut oil for your beauty. You will see IMMEDIATELY tremendous improvement of your beautiful body and better health with this oil.
  • As a Beauty Product: **THIS BRAND DOESN’T CLOG PORES!!!** can use as make up remover, day/night cream, enhance eyelashes, natural body lotion, stimulate hair growth, baby lotion, natural help to sunburn, relieve psoriasis, eczema, and diaper rash, and also can be used as oil pulling to improve your gums health.
  • As a Supplement: **DELICIOUS LIKE FRESH COCONUT WATER!!!** for improve cholesterol levels, blood circulation, memory and brain function, help weight loss, gain immediate energy, boost metabolism functioning, alleviate allergy symptoms, even help you look younger.
  • HIGHER QUALITY? HOW?: Green Elephant coconut oil is best taste ever with little SWEETNESS, absorb on your skin faster, higher quality very smooth texture with no oily feeling, very light fresh coconut scent.
  • REVIEWS: 100% 5 stars “I’ve tried 5 brands, but the all-natural quality, scent, and texture makes this one stands out. My skin feels smoother, more moisturized, and more radiant.”- Sara W. “I use this oil as a night cream. My skin is softer and brighter within 5 days” — Sarida Y. “This oil adds luster, shine and softness to my hair.”– Lindsy L.

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Brand: Green Elephant
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