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Himalaya Organic Neem (2 Pack)

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Title : Himalaya Organic Neem (2 Pack) for Mild Acne & Healthy Skin 60 Caplets 600mg
Description : With over 135 biologically active components, Neem stands to be the one of the most impressive immune supportive herbs in history. Neem has been successfully used for millennia to support vital immune activity and normal tissue health. It has a long history of use both internally and externally to support normal luster and balance of the skin. In addition, Neem’s active principals, gedunin and mahmoodin, have been shown to promote normal intestinal flora and have been linked with effective digestion and the uptake of nutrients. Support the body’s natural cleansing mechanisms and normal skin health and appearance with Neem, history’s famous “anti-everything” herb.
Features :

  • Get healthy skin and immune support in a single, natural capsule
  • Reduces your mild acne & skin blemishes so you enjoy clearer skin
  • Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project verified and Vegan, with no Wheat, Corn, Soy or Dairy
  • Purifies and cleanses your skin and is considered an unparalleled cleansing plant in India
  • Promotes your body’s detox & immune activity

Category: Neem
Brand: Himalaya Herbal Healthcare
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Rating : 3.8
Rating : 55
Review : I was able to see great results in my lab work and also on my …
I am not a fan of herbal supplement but my spouse forced me to use it to reduce acne. Anyway, he bought it from Whole foods in 11/2014 and I took it for two months. Within a month, my acne cleared and I started loosing weight a bit. Then I had my regular checkup and the doctor was surprised by my lab results. My glucose level went down to 86 from 92. My cholesterol came down to 167 from 217. Yes, i do exercise everyday for 30 minutes, try to eat more organic fruits and dairy, and do take fish oil supplement. I believe that this supplement purifies blood and gets rid of toxins from your body. Hence, I was able to see great results in my lab work and also on my skin. Now, I ordered the caplets from Amazon since they have two bottles of 120 pills ( 60 per bottle) for less money. I paid 14 bucks for 1 bottle at Whole foods.

I also had some kind of rash/eczema on my hand and armpit for which I tried this supplement. Within one week, the rash went way. I guess anyone with rash…