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Title : High Potency Biotin Supplement + “Nutrition For Skin” Guide – Contains 90 Biotin 10000 mcg capsules – Prevents Hair Loss, Helps in Faster Hair Growth and in maintaining Healthy Skin and Nails
ASIN : B0191Y48ZS
Description : Do you have problem of brittle nails or hair, or have thinning hair?

Does your skin appear dull and unhealthy but external creams and treatments do not help?

Though you want to but do not know how to nourish your skin from inside out? Or

Do you suffer from poor metabolism or are interested in losing weight?

Well, we have a potent and effective solution to all your problems and you would definitely not want to give it a miss for the many benefits that it offers:

✓ Maintains Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails
✓ Helps prevent hair fall
✓ Improves general appearance of skin and strengthens nails and hair
✓ Improves metabolism and helps in weight loss by speeding metabolic activities
✓ Brings down the unhealthy cholesterol level – maintains a healthy cardiovascular system
✓ Improves glucose intolerance and helps balance blood sugar
✓ Supports Thyroid and Adrenal Function
✓ Helps build and repair tissues and muscles
✓ Protects brain function and fights cognitive decline
✓ Nourishes your skin from inside out
✓ No side effects


1 Capsule Daily, preferably with meal or as suggested by a healthcare professional.


– This is a dietary supplement and not a solution to any medical conditions.
– Though it is not known to result in any side effects you should not exceed the recommended dose.


We offer you 100% Risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.

So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW and get this incredible health supplement today to take care of so many different aspects of your health.
Features :

  • HEALTHY HAIR, NAILS AND SKIN – Our Biotin supplement not only helps you treat weak hair and nails effectively but also strengthens them. The vitamin plays an important role in preventing hair loss, helps thicken nail cuticles and prevent their breakage. It also prevents skin from acne, fungal infections, rashes, severe dryness, and cracking – thus keeping it young and healthy!
  • HEALTHY METABOLISM AND ACCELERATED WEIGHT LOSS – Regular consumption of this Biotin supplement can help you maintain a healthy metabolism. Right quantities of Vitamin B7 or Biotin, in combination with other B Vitamins, help you process your food quickly into energy and is therefore also found to be highly effective for weight loss – as it speeds up the metabolic activities and also activates fatty acids from fat-containing foods like oils or animal fats.
  • ONE SUPPLEMENT, MULTIPLE BENEFITS – Our Biotin supplement can help you regulate your blood sugar, protect brain function and fight cognitive decline, help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, lower the unhealthy cholesterol, and help in building and repairing tissues and muscles.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – Alice Foods Biotin Supplement is made up of highest quality ingredients and is made under superior level of quality control at an FDA approved facility in USA. This ensures that you get the best quality of Biotin beneficial for your health. Our Biotin dietary supplement bottle contains 90 veggie capsules with each capsule delivering 10000 mcg.
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that with the regular consumption of first set of capsules, you will feel a huge improvement in different aspects of your health and will get back to us to buy more of it. Available with Subscribe and Save

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"My daughter recommended biotin to help my hair get stronger. She was right!"