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Title : High Level Beauty – Ultra Premium Phytoceramides Extract 10:1 100mg with Vitamin C | 30 Veggie Capsules for Skin Hydration, Strengthens Skin Integrity and Firmness, Anti-Wrinkle Formula | Gluten Free
Description : Ceramides are natural skin-based molecules that are critical to preserving youthful-looking skin and provide strong defenses against certain skin diseases and infections. Their essential role is in the maintenance of water-retaining properties of the skin, protecting against water loss of both physical trauma and aging. With age, the presence of ceramides in the skin decreases. The result is visible aging that includes wrinkles, age spots, and rough, uneven skin. Ceramides have long been a key ingredient in expensive skin creams. However, topical creams that contain ceramides have shown limited effectiveness. When taken orally, phytoceramides are transported deep into the cells of all layers of the skin and work from the inside out. These rejuvenating molecules reach skin all over the body, not just where creams are applied. High Level Ultra Premium Phytoceramides effectively work on a cellular level to hydrate, smooth, and rejuvenate aging and wrinkled skin.
Features :

  • SMARTER WAY TO LOOK YOUNGER: Phytoceramides are safe, proven and expert recommended anti-aging product (look online) that produces REAL results for REAL people with NO side effects. Same formula sold by dermatologists without the office visit. Stop battling wrinkles with expensive creams and cosmetic procedures, High Level Phytoceramides are the answer!
  • REJUVENATE SKIN: Ceramides are molecules found deep in the skin that keep it soft, supple and hydrated. Ceramide production slows as we age, and a quality phytoceramide supplement can preserve the long term health of your skin. Reduces fine lines, eliminates wrinkles and crow’s feet and promotes smooth, youthful skin. Help fight free radicals and protect your skin on a cellular level.
  • ANTI-AGING: We all battle the effects aging and environment have on our skin, especially our faces. Phytoceramides encourage faster and more youthful hair, skin and nail growth. Reverse sun damage, sun spots and eliminate dark circles. Reduce facial wrinkles and crows feet. Increase collagen production and improve skin tone. Save money on expensive moisturizers.
  • SUPERIOR INGREDIENTS: High Level Phytoceramides are rice based ceramides, clinically proven to be superior to wheat. Clinical studies show that rice based phytoceramides were up to 33% more effective at improving the signs of aging skin than wheat Phytoceramides. Ultra Premium High Level Phytoceramides are formulated to hydrate, thicken and soften skin from the inside out.
  • VEGGIE CAPSULES: 100% vegetarian easy-to-swallow capsules. Completely free of fillers, binders, preservatives and artificial ingredients. No soy, salt, yeast, gluten, sugar, dairy or eggs. No animal testing. Ultra premium ingredients.

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