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Title : Hemp Oil Extract For Dogs And Cats – Mint Flavor – 500mg – Anti Inflammatory – Relives Stress and Separation Anxiety – Organic – Arthritis Hip and Joint Relief – Full Spectrum – Natural Health Support
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Used as a Natural Relaxant Anxiety Relief & Calming Oils for Anxiety for dogs/Natural Sleep Aid for Dogs


-Plant Based/FDA Herbal Approved
-Farm Manufactured Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats
-Zero THC (Purest Liquid – no psychoactive effects)
-Veterinarian Approved & Tested
-Made in the USA


GREAT FOR OLD AGED PETS: improves mobility and enegry to improve the vigor of older animals
GENERAL HEALTH: promotes skin coat health, sleep, reduces seizures/spasms, and manages anxiety
DIGESTION ISSUES: helps improve loss of appetite, nausea, IBS, and gastrointestinal swelling
ANXIETY AND STRESS RELIEF: substantially reduces stress & anxiety, calms aggressive dogs, and helps with fear of thunderstorms or lengthy traveling
ZERO SIDE EFFECTS: no damage to the kidney, liver, or GI tract
DIETARY SUPPLEMENT: able to administer daily as part of your pet’s diet plan
SYNERGISTIC BENEFITS: used in conjuction with regular medications with no reactions/issues
POST-SURGERY RECOVERY BOOST: with its anti-inflammatory properties, hemp oil helps with swelling, pain, recovery time, stiffness, and injuries from sprains, strains, and broken bones

Use directly in pets mouth or food following the chart:
LESS THAN 20LBS: 1/4 drop daily
21 – 49LBS: 1/2 drop daily
MORE THAN 49LBS: 1 full drop daily

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Features :

  • 💚REVIVE YOUR PET’S YOUTHFUL ENERGY – Made strictly with natural organic derived ingredients that act fast to improve the health of your pet. Promotes skin coat quality and decrease joint pains as well as boost the immune system. Watch your pets stiffness & pain EASE, giving them the ability to walk & run again
  • 🐶BOOST YOUR PETS IMMUNE SYSTEM – PetMyWay Pure Hemp Oil is proud to be recommended by Veterinarians located in the USA. Loaded with highly beneficial omega-6 and omega-3, terpenes, phytochemical, trace minerals, vitamins A and D, and essential oils for dogs, cats, ferrets, & mammals. Pure Hemp Oil will help boost your pets immune system in order to protect them from easily contracting diseases, whilst keeping them healthy and energetic!
  • 🐱EXPERIENCE IMPROVED AGILITY, MOBILITY, & ENERGY – Restore your pets mobility, energy, and agility while consuming hemp oil on a daily basis. Full Spectrum Hemp Oil helps provide your pet with its energetic vigor to be able to take part in activities and relieve stress & pains all over the body
  • 🌲NUMEROUS BENEFITS FOR IMPROVED QUALITY OF LIFE – May help relieve stress, separation anxiety, constant barking, cure storm stress, relieve depression, promote energetic vigor, and provide higher quality of life. Give your pet the best it DESERVES
  • 📖FREE DOG TRAINING E-BOOK – Our Trainer Jessi has spent 11 years training dogs. Finally, she’s created 34 pages of the most informative dog training e-book on the web… And we are giving it to you for FREE!. Additionally, our Hemp Oil is Backed by the highest standards (GMP & MCR) and has proven to be the highest grade with no additives, non-GMO, gluten free, no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Be confident that this is the RIGHT purchase for YOU & your PET!

Brand: PetMyWay
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