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Hemp Oil 500mg Extract Drops

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Title : Hemp Oil 500mg Extract Drops for Dogs & Cats – Calming Supplements for Anxiety, Separation, Stress, Hip & Joint Relief, Arthritis, & Inflammation – Helps Calm Pets During Fireworks and Lightning, 2 fl oz.
Description : CALM YOUR PET
This natural hemp oil extract from NuRyse will calm and relax your dog during stressful experiences. Use our oil when your canine experiences nervousness during storms, car rides or separation anxiety. It is also a great daily supplement to calm overly excited dogs or quiet incessant barking. Our oil is formulated specifically for dogs and is not recommended for use on other animals. We recommend a vet visit before beginning use.

Aging dogs often experience pain or arthritis in their hips or other joints. Whether your furry friend has reached his senior years or has recently suffered an injury, our oil extract is here to provide the relief he needs. Our extract contains hemp seed oil, which is packed with anti inflammatory benefits to promote joint health and relieve pain caused by arthritis or injuries.

Our liquid hemp supplement works as a natural relaxant to calm dogs of all sizes, whether small, large or somewhere in between. Simply follow the directions on the label based on the weight of your dog. Choose to administer orally at meal time using the dropper or sprinkle over their food and treats before eating.

Giving your pet oral medications can be a nightmare. No need to disguise hard to swallow pills in a treat only to have your pet spit the pill right back out and keep the treat. Our liquid formula allows you to sprinkle the oil over your pets food without altering the flavor. Your pets will never know the difference, but will still receive the health benefits they need.

Our pet calmer and relaxer is made in the USA in a Good Manufacturing Practices certified facility. Each bottle is made with only two natural and clean ingredients, hemp oil extract and hemp seed oil. Both ingredients are rich in omega fatty acids to not only promote calming, but also heart, skin and coat health.
Features :

  • CALM PETS DURING STRESSFUL SITUATIONS: Help calm your cat or dog during the next thunderstorm or 4th of July fireworks. Hemp oil drops also help ease your furry friends with separation anxiety & during car rides
  • SUPPORT HIP & JOINT HEALTH: Aging dogs often experience pain or arthritis in their hips and other joints. Hemp seed oil is packed with anti inflammatory benefits to promote healthy joints so your pets can stay on their feet
  • EASY TO GIVE TO CATS & DOGS OF ALL SIZES: Whether your pet is large or small just apply the proper dose based on your cat or dogs weight by sprinkling over their food with the included dropper. Worry no more about fighting with giving your animal a hard to swallow pill
  • GOOD MANUFACTURING PROCESS CERTIFIED IN THE USA: Every bottle of NuRyse Dog Hemp Oil is manufactured in the USA at a certified Good Manufacturing Process Certified facility. Rest easy knowing your dogs supplements are coming from a certified facility
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Each bottle of NuRyse Hemp Oil for Cats & Dogs is Made in the USA and includes a 1-year money back guarantee

Category: Relaxants
Brand: NuRyse
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