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Title : Grenade Defend BCAA & Amino Post Workout Recovery, Added Pepform Leucine and Coconut Water for Muscle Building and Optimal Hydration, Green Apple, 390G
Description : If you’re lifting heavy and often and you want your muscles to grow to their maximum potential, you need to protect them from catabolic forces whenever possible. That means preventing muscle breakdown. The most basic, unavoidable reality when it comes to muscle growth is that you must ensure that more amino acids are entering the muscle tissue throughout the day than are leaving it. To achieve this delicate but crucial balance, you’ve got to be regularly making the most important amino acids available to your muscles.
Features :

  • PROVEN MUSCLE BUILDER – Defend is an advanced 2:1:1 ratio BCAA supplement containing micronized, PepForm, free form amino acids, hydrating nutrients, electrolytes and ZERO sugar.
  • DARE TO COMPARE – No leading competitor product contains more Leucine or BCAAs than Defend, the only one that does contains the same amount, but doesn’t include Leucine peptides or coconut water…
  • POST WORKOUT & INTRA WORKOUT MUSCLE RECOVERY – Defend is an anabolic and anti-catabolic supplement, containing potent levels of 2:1:1 BCAAs, other essential amino acids, peptides, hydrating nutrients and electrolytes.
  • AMAZING FLAVOR – Not only is Defend an elite muscle building & recovery formula but it also tastes great! Enjoy drinking anytime of the day

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Brand: Grenade
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