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Title : Grass Fed Beef Liver Capsules by Mother Nutrient | Desiccated Liver | Pasture Raised in Argentina | Supplement Rich in Vitamins A & B12, Iron, Protein | 180 Beef Liver Capsules, 45-Day Supply

Organ meats have been highly prized throughout history by ancestral cultures around the world, in particular, the liver. This is because it’s the most nutritious part of an animal. In fact, gram for gram, liver contains more vital nutrients than any other food, and…

– Is a great source of high-quality protein full of essential amino acids
– Contains in the most absorbable form of iron (without constipation), folate & copper
– Is the most concentrated source of Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant
– Is high in all the B vitamins, especially B12
– Is made in FDA registered and GMP compliant facility

Unfortunately, liver and other organ meats have fallen out of favor in modern society and thought of as unpalatable or high in toxins due to it’s detoxifying function. However, the liver doesn’t act as a filter, but rather helps the body eliminate toxins. Multiple laboratory analyses have found it contains no higher amounts of toxins than the rest of the body. If an animal contains toxins, so will the liver, which highlights the importance of consuming liver only from grass-fed animals that were pasture-raised without the use of hormones or pesticides. Mother Nutrient’s Grass-fed Beef Liver capsules provides just that, and the ability for consuming liver on a regular basis without worrying about making it taste good.

Our 750mg capsules deliver 3,000mg of desiccated beef liver powder per serving in only 4 pills!
180 capsule count, means you’ll get a 45 day supply when consuming the suggested dose of 3,000mg per day*

For best results, we recommend taking for at least 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied with our product, contact us directly for a full refund. And keep the product as well (limited to 1x per customer)!
Features :

  • 👍 BOOST YOUR ENERGY: Rich in Vitamin B12, Riboflavin, Iron & Copper naturally boosts your energy
  • ❤️ SUPPORT HEART, SKIN, NAIL, BRAIN & IMMUNE HEALTH: Liver is the most dense source of Vitamin A
  • ❤️ SUPPORT BLOOD HEALTH: Contains heme iron, the most absorbable form of iron + no constipation!
  • 💪 BUILD MUSCLE: Best kept secret among bodybuilders & athletes, helps gain muscle and stamina
  • 👌 DON’T COMPROMISE: Contains no hormones/pesticides, artificial fillers, gluten, soy, or dairy!

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Brand: Mother Nutrient
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