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Title : Fusion Naturals: Vegan Collagen Booster – Plant Based Collagen Supplement – 20 Servings – Support Collagen Density, Improve Skin Texture, Promote Joint Health
Description : Our skin is usually the first to let us know that we are aging. Skin loses moisture and elasticity due to the slowing down of collagen production. One way to combat this, is to add a collagen supplement to your diet. Vegan Collagen Booster is a unique plant-based, herbal blend that supports internal collagen production. Many collagen products are sourced from animal by-products, but our US- patent pending Vegan Collagen Booster is 100 percent cruelty-free! Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets, our Vegan Collagen Booster will aid you in keeping your skin looking youthful while not harming another living creature. You may mix the collagen powder in hot or cold water. The refreshing blueberry flavor is bound to make Vegan Collagen Booster a delicious must-have in your beauty routine! Remember to consult a doctor before mixing/using more than one supplement at a time. Mixing supplements may result in an upset stomach.
Features :

  • VEGAN COLLAGEN: Our premium vegan, plant-based collagen contains natural ingredients commonly found in Asian diets and is 100% cruelty free!
  • HIGH QUALITY, SMALL BATCH PRODUCTION: We only produce high quality, small batches of our Vegan Collagen Booster to ensure perfection.
  • SUPPORT JOINT HEALTH: Collagen production begins to diminish as you age, and our Vegan Collagen Booster can help to improve and support joint, tendon, bone and cartilage health!
  • NON-GMO FORMULA: This delicious and effective collagen supplement contains environmentally friendly, hand-selected ingredients that are non-GMO, gluten, soy and dairy free.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We provide a 100% refund for unopened products within 30 days of purchase.

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Brand: Fusion Naturals
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Living Silica Collagen Booster Liquid | Vegan Collagen Boosting Drink | Supports Healthy Collagen and Elastin Production for Joint & Bone Support, Glowing Skin, Strong Hair & Nails. 16.9 oz

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  • Living Silica mineral-based silicon supplement is a formula designed for your well-being and to maximize your body’s potential supplying a key trace substance, silicon, your body uses in joints, bones, hair, skin, and nails from the inside out.
  • The silicon ingredient benefits have been studied in humans. LIVING SILICA ’s silicon-based ingredient is a trace element found in nature and is laboratory tested to ensure quality and safety*.
  • When it comes to silicon, absorption matters. LIVING SILICA is a premier grade of silicon supplement. Our clinical scientist developed the patent-pending, propri
  • 375% Greater Absorption. According to independent clinical trials performed in the UK, Living Silica’s proprietary blend has the highest absorption rate. Living Silica’s is fully utilized by the body instead of being expelled. Living Silica reaches the collagen-producing cells and activates them, which promotes their collagen production. Our proprietary method developed by Loic Le Ribault raises the solubility limit of Si and maintains it in a small, monomeric and well-absorbed form.
  • Bioavailability measures the extent to which a nutrient can be used by cells in the body. No other colloidal silica, silicic acid or plant extract-based silica supplements in the marketplace provide higher bioavailability than Living Silica. When you absorb more silica into your body, you’re able to generate more collagen. The problem is that most people consume collagen to get its ultimate effects. Living Silica helps our bodies produce this essential collagen without having to consume it.