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Title : FLASH SALE – Vitamin D3 5000 IU – For Bone, Skin & Dental Health, Boosts Immune System For Maximum Support Of The Body, Gluten Free, Sugar Free & Non-GMO Softgels.
ASIN : B00V4188C6
Description : Your entire body desperately needs Vitamin D!

Treat your body to an all-natural Vitamin D3 from Salt Lake Supplements to invigorate your body with energy and strength

The benefits of Vitamin D3 include:

• Sunshine Vitamin – The human body stimulates the nutrient when skin is exposed to sunlight. Sadly, the capability to do so decreases as we become older and especially if we are working during the day.
• Boosts Bone Health And Teeth – Low amounts of Vitamin D in the leads to higher risks of contracting muscular weakness, which increases risks of falling, fractures and bone deterioration as we get older.
• Immune System Support – Vitamin D has been known to signal antimicrobials to boost your body’s natural defenses.
• Mood Enhancement – Vitamin D has a huge influence on the chemicals in our bodies, especially our brains. Vitamin D plays a role in brain development and its functions.
• Cognitive Activity – Higher amounts of Vitamin D in your system has been proven to lead to higher cognitive function, while deficiency of the vitamin has shown people to be more than twice as likely to be cognitively impaired.

Vitamin D has always been present in our everyday lives, but it is not until now that we are realizing its true full potential.

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Features :

  • Vitamin D3 5000 IU for Maximum Support brings the same active form of cholecalciferol produced by the body through sun exposure. Our Vitamin D3 comes in an easy-to-swallow softgel that provides all the benefits of Vitamin D without the risk of unprotected exposure from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Vitamin D helps the intestine absorb nutrients, including calcium and phosphorus to help maintain healthy bones and teeth, support the immune system, boost cognitive function and proper muscle function.
  • Vitamin D also helps put us all in a good mood, which is never a bad thing. Seasonal mood disturbances and a change of how we tend to feel from Summer to Winter are often found to have a connection with low levels of serotonin which is linked to vitamin D. Getting the recommended daily amount of the vitamin into your system to help put a smile on your face all year round.
  • Our softgels are non-GMO, allergen free, gluten free, and sugar free. Each easy to open bottle contains 60 softgels which is a full 30-day supply.
  • All of our supplements are proudly encapsulated and bottled in Salt Lake City, Utah in an FDA-approved facility which follows strict GMP guidelines. Our products are Third Party Tested to ensure the highest quality possible and the purity of each batch. If you have any inquiries, our Customer Service team will always be available to take care of your needs.

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