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Extra Strength Beard Growth Vitamin


Title : Extra Strength Beard Growth Vitamin Supplement – Grows Facial Hair Fast – Thicker, Fuller Healthier Hair – Vitamins and Minerals for Naturally Stronger, Manlier Hair – 60 Capsules
Description :

Ever dream of having a really epic beard? Im not talking about your run of the mill beard. No. I mean someone who’s beard walks into a room then a few minutes later he does. Well With Stout Beard you too can have Epic Facial Hair.

As Men age their body stopped being as efficient at using the Vitamins and Minerals we get from food to help with our skin and Hair. Hence the reason your hair turns grey as you age. That’s why you need Invictus Labs Beard Growth, a natural supplement that helps you keep your hair color longer and more vibrant.

Safe, Powerful and Effective

Designed to help increase your Vitamin Absorbtion Stout Beard acts as a natural Facial Hair reviver, Helping your body continue to maintain your beard long after you grew it.

Product Details:

  • Safe, Natural Ingredients
  • Fortifies Beard Strength and Thickness
  • Helps Improve Color and Feel of Facial Hair
  • Free of Binders and Fillers
  • Servings per Container: 30 (60 Caplets)
  • Manufactured in FDA Registered Facility
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Features :

  • STRONGER, MANLIER, FULLER HAIR – Scientifically Forumlated to increase facial hair growth. Stout Beard has been proven to give you the boost you want in your Beard Game.
  • ALL HAIR TYPES WELCOME – Whether you have Fine, Coarse, Thick, Curly or Straight Hair, Stout Beard will help you elevate your beards apparence to the next level.
  • FULL OF NUTRIENTS – Solving the problem at the Root! Many men suffer with their beard because they do not get the Nutrients they need to have excellent hair growth. Our Blend of Vitamins and Minerals will help your body grow a Thicker, Stronger, Fuller Beard!
  • PACKED WITH GOODNESS – Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals, Stout Beard Is the edge you need to have that legendary beard!
  • MADE IN USA: Carefully crafted in FDA registered facilities with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee because we really stand by our products.

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Brand: Invictus Labs
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