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Title : Day One Essentials Hair, Skin and Nails with Biotin (5000 mcg ) for Healthy Glow – 60 Capsules
Description : About Hair, Skin & Nails

The effects of aging as well as the destructive by-products of oxidation to the cells of the body caused by hazards such as smoking, pollution, UV rays and a poor diet work to undermine the quest to look and feel younger. While there is no miracle product that stops the aging process or one that makes us immune to the impact of our environment, we can certainly fortify our bodies with nutrients which help combat these adversaries as much as possible.

Hair, Skin and Nails Complex is formulated to help support the areas of the body which are arguably the most telling features in terms of a youthful appearance as well as overall health and well-being.
Features :

  • HAIR GROWTH -Thicken Hair, Nails and Beautify Skin. Minimizes hair loss and Increases Skin Health
  • HAIR SKIN NAILS – Excellent source of Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E and 20 other Vitamins. Provide an Overall Supports
  • Provides 750 mg of MSM which is Essential to the Structure of Hair , Skin and Nails
  • Strengthen brittle finger nails and toe nails.
  • Increase Energy and Resilience . Made in USA !

Category: Hair, Skin & Nails Complex
Brand: Day One Essentials
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Rating : 4.6
Rating : 81
Review : Much better than Salmon Oil

Day One is the perfect alternative to salmon oil. Salmon oil capsules always made me gag a bit, but these go down much easier. I love how I get to put in minimal work (2 capsules day) to really help my skin look noticeability younger. I would say drinking 1-2 Liters of water plus these capsules are the best ways to make your face glow and hair thicken, without having to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive face and shampoo products. For anyone entering their mid-to-late 30s, this a must have product!