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Title : Crystal Star Red Skin Relief Supplement, 60 Count
Description : Relieves redness, soothes your skin. Inflammation relief for problem skin.
Features :

  • Helps to relieve redness, soothe your skin. Inflammation support for problem skin.*
  • Founded in 1978 by Dr. Linda Page, Ph.D., Crystal Star has a long history of effectiveness. The unique combination of herbs sets Crystal Star apart. Approximately 50% of each formula is comprised of “Primary Herbs” which support acute symptom relief. ~25% is “Secondary Herbs” which help address underlying symptoms. “Catalysts and Transporters” are ~15% of the formula to increase absorption and effectiveness. The final ~10% is “Complementary Herbs” to help balance acid/alkaline levels.
  • CRYSTAL STAR PRODUCTS ARE SAFELY PRODUCED: Crystal Star products have a long history of safe use. The products are ONLY manufactured at GMP certified facilities. To ensure you get what you pay for, each herb from each batch is fully tested for identity, potency, and purity! At the same time, Crystal Star tests for 400+ microbial and contaminants! Following production, finished products are tested again for another level of quality assurance. Your safety truly comes first at Crystal Star.
  • CRYSTAL STAR BELIEVES IN SUSTAINABILITY: At Crystal Star, sustainability is a lifestyle and a business culture that is embraced daily. Protecting and preserving endangered herb species is of vital importance, which is why Crystal Star always uses cultivated herbs if a species is in danger. To further help sustainability, Crystal Star is a proud supporter of the Honey Bee Health Coalition. The health of honey bees is critical to the planet, farming, and the health of every individual.

Brand: Crystal Star
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Rating : 3.8
Rating : 3
Review : I didn’t notice any redness relief after taking the entire …

I didn’t notice any redness relief after taking the entire bottle (2 pills daily). I was hopeful but unfortunately it’s didn’t work for me.