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Title : Bruno MD Royal Collagen Peptides, Clinically proven, Dietary Supplement, Improves Skin, European Sourced, Improves the Look of Hair and Nails, Blended with Vitamin C, Natural Bone and Joint Supplement
Description :

The Royal Collagen Peptides are produced by Bruno Pharma, a multinational pharmaceutical company. Bruno Pharma was established in 1996 to bring helpful products to consumers. This company only uses high-end ingredients in their products to create potent supplements with powerful results. Many of Bruno Pharma’s products are comparable to pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by doctors. This company has put in countless hours of effort to perfect the Royal Collagen Peptides.

These Specific Collagen Peptides have a wide range of health benefits when taken regularly. For starters, the supplements can help with your appearance. Collagen can make your skin and nails look more youthful. You will also notice that your hair will become healthier and less brittle. Internally, collagen works to improve the strength of your bones and joints. This can help you both look and feel better, making it easier for you to get through your day.

This whole process works using science. Collagen is naturally produced in your body, making it a great way to improve your health without using synthetics. Our formula works by encouraging your body to begin bio-synthesizing collagen by giving it the building blocks it needs to get started. Inside of the supplement, you will find a highly potent form of vitamin C along with hydrolyzed collagen peptide fragments. These ingredients create the perfect conditions for your body to produce collagen.

The ingredients we use in our supplements come from audited sources that are free from contaminants. The collagen we use is from Bovine sources in the European Union, guaranteeing it meets our high standards. The only vitamin C we use is naturally occurring in order to promote the best results for collagen production. The ingredients for this supplement have also all been proven in clinical trials to guarantee they will be effective and safe to take on a daily basis.

Features :

  • European Sourced: We source from the European Union to guarantee that our products are safe and free of contaminants. The collagen is from high-quality audited Bovine sources so we can provide the best supplement for you.
  • Multiple-Health Benefits: Specific Collagen Peptides provide more than a single benefit to your body. This supplement helps with everything from your hair to your hip and bone health. This makes Royal Collagen perfect for improving your health.
  • Vitamin C Infused: Along with Bovine Collagen, we also pack this supplement full of a potent form of natural vitamin C. By blending collagen and vitamin C, we give your body everything it needs to begin collagen biosynthesis in a natural way.
  • Clinically Proven Formula: This talk of improving your health isn’t just for show. Specific Collagen Peptides used in our blend are clinically proven. These clinical trials show the effectiveness of the ingredients we use to create this supplement.
  • Safe for Daily Use: We wanted to make a supplement you would feel comfortable taking. This supplement can be taken daily and have been proven safe for your body. This is backed by a pharmaceutical multinational company with years of experience.

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