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Biotin Hair Growth Dietary Supplement:

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Title : Biotin Hair Growth Dietary Supplement: Natural Biotin Hair Vitamins to Help Grow Hair & Support Healthy Skin & Stronger Nails – Maximum Strength 10,000 MCG Biotin for Men & Women
Take biotin daily to prevent premature hair loss and a receding hairline. It’s scientifically formulated to support the growth of strong, healthy hair that remains intact during washing and brushing. Your Beard, eyelashes and eyebrows will also benefit! Biotin encourages natural hair regrowth for men and women and also revitalizes hair, helping those suffering from hair loss due to an illness and anyone with damaged hair.

Add skin-nourishing biotin to your beauty routine and get clean, clear skin with improved elasticity. Your smooth, supple skin will have a radiant glow and a more youthful look. Our skin supplement also offers protection from acne, rashes and severe dryness.

Tired of your damaged nails? Strength your weak nails with our biotin vitamins so they’re less susceptible to chipping and splitting. No more pain or frustration from yet another ruined manicure!

A water soluble B vitamin, biotin works alongside enzymes that break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins and turn them into fuel for our bodies. Taking biotin speeds up this process and supplies you with a nice energy boost.

Our bodies naturally product free radicals, and we need antioxidants to neutralize and remove them from our bloodstream. But we need more than our own naturally occurring antioxidants, and that’s where dietary supplements come into play. This biotin formula is supported by powerful antioxidants to repair cell damage and care for your hair, skin and nails from the inside out. No added sugar or artificial colors just pure, natural ingredients. We’re cruelty free and GMP approved, too!
– Made in the USA in an FDA Approved Facility
– Biotin 10,000 mcg, Calcium (As Calcium Carbonate)
– Veggie Capsules
– B. The Product Biotin Hair Growth Vitamins
Features :

  • PREVENT HAIR LOSS: Get healthier, faster hair growth for your head, beard, brows and lashes
  • SKIN TREATMENT: Enjoy the gorgeous glow, smooth feel and more youthful look of well-hydrated skin
  • STRONGER NAILS: Repair brittle nails that are prone to splitting and have an unhealthy appearance
  • METABOLISM BOOST: Experience increased energy levels as your body begins to metabolize food faster
  • ANTIOXIDANT RICH: Our scientifically formulated Biotin Capsules are backed by powerful antioxidants

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Brand: B. The Product
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Review : I love these vitamins

I love these vitamins! My nails are so strong , I literally have to file them down every week! My hair grows so fast , I can tell by all of my gray hair that I need colored every 2 1/2 weeks!