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Title : BioOptimal Collagen Pills – Collagen Supplements, Grass Fed, 180 Capsules, Non-GMO, for Women & Men, Benefits Skin, Hair, Nails & Joints, Collagen Capsules, Premium Quality
Description : BioOptimal provides you with everything you need in a collagen supplement. We encourage you to compare our product with other collagen pills & you’ll quickly see why our product stands out with NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS, GRASS FED, ANTIBIOTIC & GROWTH HORMONE FREE COLLAGEN with the convenience of easy to swallow capsules. Furthermore, unlike many collagen pills & tablets that are hard to swallow & give off a strong smell or taste you’ll find our BioOptimal Collagen Capsules are an easy to swallow size & have no odor or aftertaste. Offering many of the same health benefits of bone broth & gelatin our premium quality collagen contains a potent amino acid profile providing the essential building blocks for youthful skin, hair, nails, optimal joint & muscle health. Everything You Need In a Collagen Supplement BioOptimal Collagen Capsules Grass Fed Bovine Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides (Type I & III) 100% Natural & Non-GMO Hormone Free & Antibiotic Free No Additives or Preservatives Does Not Contain: Gluten, Wheat, Sugar, Dairy, Soy or Yeast Nature’s Premier Anti-Aging Supplement* 180 Capsules (30 Day Supply) Alternative to Collagen Powder For those that have tried collagen powder / collagen peptides and have been unsatisfied with the flavor, smell or mess they can create our BioOptimal Collagen Capsules are a great alternative to collagen powder. Each capsule contains 650 mg of premium quality collagen peptides in an easy to swallow bovine gelatin capsule. For the best results we recommend 6 capsules per day which can be taken at the same time or divided into 3 pills in the morning & 3 pills in the evening. Why 6 capsules? With collagen peptides supplements it’s critical that your daily intake of collagen is sufficient in order to see the health benefits. Other formulas may only advertise 2-3 capsules which we feel is an inadequate amount in order to see the benefits. Benefits from BioOptimal Collagen Capsules include Healthy Skin, Hair, Nails & Joints*
Features :

  • COLLAGEN PILLS: Premium quality collagen, 100% natural anti-aging supplement, no additives or preservatives, gluten free, sugar free, non-GMO, antibiotic & growth hormone free – 180 collagen capsules
  • COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENTS: Contains type 1 & 3 collagen which supports healthy skin, hair, nails, muscles & joints for women & men
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Buy with confidence all purchases backed by our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee (no return necessary)
  • GREAT ALTERNATIVE TO COLLAGEN POWDER: Our collagen supplement has all the same benefits of collagen powder without the mess, smell or taste in easy to swallow capsules
  • SUPERFOOD: Similar benefits of bone broth & gelatin, our collagen pills are packed with collagen powder that is rich in protein & amino acids

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