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BBGLO® Skin Rejuvenation Collagen Drink

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Title : BBGLO® Skin Rejuvenation Collagen Drink (Original) – Anti Aging Complex, 2.4 fl. Oz., Pack of 6 Glass Bottles
Description :

How It’s Made

As we age, our collagen levels and our ability to regenerate those proteins decrease, which lead to the common signs of aging like wrinkly skin and joint pain. We transform collagen proteins into their peptide form through our cutting-edge hydrolyzation process in order to produce molecules that the body can best absorb. So the product you get is the most bioactive and potent elixir that can help boost collagen levels, all in a delicious beverage.

All Natural and Delicious

BBGLO® Skin Rejuvenation Collagen Drink does not contain any antibiotics, hormones, or genetically modified organisms that can cause potential harm. There are no artificial ingredients. Only all-natural, healthy ingredients are used. Better yet, our drink is sourced from Bovine so that the taste is deliciously enhanced, where some collagen drinks have odd tastes and smells.

Good For You

Collagens help promote beautiful skin, hair and nails, can also help with joint pain by supporting your bone matrix, and can renew tissue and help make aging a positive thing. In this BBGLO® drink there are also added nutrients to help promote eye health and UV protection.

Perfect for Daily Consumption

Make the BBGLO® drink part of your everyday routine to help keep your skin and your body in great health. Drink a bottle a day and see how easy and delicious it can be to replenish your body!

Features :

  • SPECIAL FORMULA: BBGLO® Skin Rejuvenation Collagen Original Drink is formulated with 5,000mg of VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides® which work to replenish collagen levels and support comprehensive skin health, with an added 10mg of FloraGLO® Lutein for healthy eyes and UV protection. All-natural. No artificial ingredients. GMO-free.
  • GREAT TASTE: BBGLO’s Skin Rejuvenation Collagen Drink tastes like a regular yummy juice you’d want to drink even if it didn’t do much for the health of your skin. The collagen used in the drink is sourced from Bovine, which reduces unpleasant flavors and odors that can be found in other collagen products.
  • EASY TO ENJOY: Why go through the hassle of taking pills or mixing powder when you can simply take a single, delicious shot and still enjoy all the benefits? The BBGLO® Skin Rejuvenation Collagen Drink comes in a portable glass bottle that lets you drink up your nutrients in a quick, easy, and enjoyable way.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our prized collagen drink is meticulously crafted in the USA using the best ingredients available and produced at our facility that meets and exceeds qualifications set by the State of California Department of Public Health and the Food and Drug Administration.
  • AMAZING BENEFITS: Maintain your skin’s healthy youthful glow with collagen. Protect yourself from the sun’s damaging UV rays and oxidative stress without pills or injections! Collagen is proven to promote healthy skin by improving firmness, elasticity, hydration, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite.

Brand: BBGLO
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Rating : 5.0
Rating : 2
Review : Love this! It works!
I am bubbling with excitement and happiness as I write this review. This drink seriously works. I first bought this because I just love trying different things that help with health/beauty, but I wasn’t expecting it to have such visible effects! I am in my late forties (yikes!) and have been looking for products that help with skin and wrinkles and also with my joints, since I’m well over-the-hill, I am already beginning to feel the effects of official ‘oldness’ as my daughter calls it.

I bought this pack of 6, curious to see if it would help me in my attempts to maintain good skin as I am doing my very best to keep wrinkles at bay; I use various creams, cleansers, lots of sunscreen and serums, and occasionally get photofacials and some light procedures done for the additional spot control (but my facials don’t fix my cracking joints, do they!)

After trying this drink, which is truly delicious by the way (it has a very nice orangey taste!) I already began to see…