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Title : #1 High Potency Premium Astaxanthin 10 mg – Powerful Antioxidant Now – Free Radical Scavenger – ALL Natural Astaxanthin Gold – Supports Immune System – Boosts Eye, Skin & Joints Health – 60 Softgels
Description : Introducing the Most Powerful Natural Antioxidant
You probably include many Antioxidants, like vitamin C, vitamin E or Beta Carotene in your regular diet. But most of these are not good enough, both in quantity & quality!
Worry not though! A perfect alternative is finally here – Pure Astaxanthin Supplements by DRY Healthcare Originals!  

Unlike the traditional weak Astaxanthin 4mg dosage and the excessive strength Astaxanthin 12mg, or 10mg dosage delivers the optimum strength 10mg from a single daily softgel.

What is Astaxanthin?
Astaxanthin is a natural organic compound in terpene class that carries highly powerful Antioxidant properties. Most Astaxanthin suppliers source it from salmon or krill oil. But we procure our Astaxanthin straight from the original natural source – Haematococcus Pluvialis algae that is much more potent than salmon/krill oil Astaxanthin.

How Astaxanthin Helps You
Astaxanthin is perhaps the most effective, natural Free Radical Scavenger available. With uniform bioavailability promoted by soybean oil, it attacks & neutralises free radicals from your system, helping you:

– Boost your immune system
– Minimize cellular disintegration & membrane level breakdown
– Improve eye, skin & joints health
– Maintain a healthy cardiovascular system

These Astaxanthin supplements are:

– Fully veg safe
– Certified Non-GMO
– Certified Gluten Free
– Made in USA
– FDA Cleared
– GMP Compliant

It’s an Easy Choice!
Being a renowned brand of quality healthcare products, our Astaxanthin 10mg Supplements are fully backed by our no-questions-asked, Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee, so for overall health, Astaxanthin is the best supplement to have on your team.  Just click ‘Add to Cart’ NOW
Features :

  • MOST POWERFUL NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT; Astaxanthin 10mg is much more powerful than well known Antioxidants like vitamin C, E or Beta Carotene; in short, a proven Free Radical Scavenger that helps you get rid of harmful free radicals from your whole system
  • SOURCED NATURALLY, WITHOUT EXCEPTION; unlike most competitors, we only source Astaxanthin naturally from the most potent source, Haematococcus Pluvialis algae; it’s 100% natural, veg-safe, gluten free & non GMO; at 10mg delivers almost 3 x Astaxanthin 4mg weaker alternatives
  • BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM EASILY; natural & potent Astaxanthin in these Astaxanthin Supplements helps boost your immune system by preventing its weakening due to free radical attacks; it works right at the cellular level, minimizing cellular disintegration & membrane breakdown
  • IMPROVE EYE, SKIN & JOINTS HEALTH; being such a powerful antioxidant, Astaxanthin invariably works in the favor of your overall health; most prominently eye, skin, joints & cardiovascular health; by scavenging free radicals, it helps you maintain healthy eyes, glowing skin, nimble joints & a well-primed CV system; all in one go
  • WE BACK OUR PRODUCTS with an unconditional 100% Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee; just try our Premium Astaxanthin supplements (Made in USA & fully GMP Compliant) & feel the difference; if you’re not entirely happy, just let us know and we’ll fully refund you with our guarantee; Just click ‘Add to Cart’ to order 60 Astaxanthin (10mg) softgels right away; it’s never too late to look after yourself

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